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It’s Primetime!


ImageMonday night, The Oakland Raiders will take on Division rival Denver Broncos. Not only will the game be against all-time great QB Peyton Manning, but it is on primetime television for the world to see. 

This is a huge game not only for the Raiders but specifically Terrelle Pryor. Oakland faces its first test against a stout Denver defense. This will either showcase Oakland’s flaws or affirm one of the leads most potent rushing attacks. 

For Pryor, this is the first time a lot of fans, coaches, and players are going to Pryor in Action at the NFL level. This is the Raiders opportunity to prove that they are what everyone thought they were by folding or getting blown out by the Broncos. On the other hand, this is Oakland’s opportunity to prove Reggie Mckenzie and Dennis Allen’s message that this team can compete and win games

Historically, I have watched many games over the years were the Raiders have been in games only to commit a stupid turnover or penalty that kills the momentum. In the NFL, the margin for error is so small that these are often the difference from winning or losing a game. These stupid penalties or mental mistakes often bite the Raiders in the butt (week 1). 

For Terrelle Pryor this a monumental game. This is the first time a lot of fans are seeing him since his Ohio State scam. Monday Night offers Pryor an oppurtunity at redemption. This is his coming out party, to show he isn’t the same imature quarterback. This is his chance to show himself as a leader and veteran not afraid of Manning. Lastly, he needs to show the world that he is not a gimmick or product of the read option. Rather, Pryor needs to show that he can be a passing QB at the highest level.

This game will answer a lot of questions about the rest of the Raiders season, regardless of the outcome. 


Can The Raiders weather the storm?

 If Peyton Manning comes out and puts points on this team, will they fold like they have in years past? Do they have the heart to fight back, or are they the team to roll over for next years draft?


This boils down to Terrelle Pryor. If Pryor turns the ball over or struggles against the defense, then the offense will feed off of Pryor’s body language and composer. If he is able to hold it together, and keep fighting then I hope his team will follow. 


As for defense, this Raiders team addition of Charles Woodson gives them the swagger they need to go out there and make plays even if they get down Swagger aside, this Raiders defense is gonna have to make turnovers and redzone stops to hold a chance.


Can the playmakers make plays?


As a Raiders fan I constantly hear about the Raiders’ playmakers throughout the Blogosphere. I’m tired of hearing about it, I want to see it. I want to see the Raiders get the ball into Marcel Reece’s hands. I want to see Mcfadden get established early and often. The Raiders need to utilize their speed and the defenses aggressiveness by utilizing screens.


I know what Pryor can do, but I want to see him manage the game, and allow the people around him to make plays. Moore is gonna need to put it together and make that x factor play that keeps the defense offense. 


 Lamar Houston has a favorable matchup with Ryan Clady out, so I want to see him get after Manning. I want to see Hayden or Woodson get a pick. 


This is a superbowl calibur team, so the playmakers ability will indicate rather these guys really have the talent and game coaches and fans think they do. 

Will the Oline remain consistent?


I’ve heard much talk about the makeshift offensive line being the surprise of the Oakland Raiders. Tonight is a real test for the running and passing assignments. Mcfadden has historically had success against the Raiders, but Manning’s high octane offense may force Mcfadden out of the game-plan if he starts scoring early. 


Ideally, a defense can only cover receivers for so long, hence giving Pryor as much time as possible will be ideal to getting the ball down field. 


Mcfadden is the key to this game. He needs to get going early, and he needs to be the safety net for Pryor’s protection, and in the dump offs. More importantly, Mcfadden needs to change make the game changing play to keep Manning off the field. Hopefully the will open things up for Pryor in the passing game.


Can the Special teams be special?


The Raiders are going to need a big play from their special teams. Rather its a block, a turnover, or a return, the Raiders must make a game changing play on special teams. The special teams needs to remain consistent. They can not afford any missed field goals or shanked punts, so King needs to get his young head in the game. 


Tomorrow we will have a new perception on this Raider team. The Raiders are the same old, undiscipline, and overmatched team; or the Raiders are the surprise of the league. One way or another, this primetime opportunity will give the Raiders National attention they need, but only results will indicate rather its good or bad. Either way, tonite the teams character and the character or it’s QB will be tested tonite, and i will be reading into this game far more than just the box-score.


Either way, I’m ready for some football… Please Raiders Prove em Wrong! This is what the game is about, winning when no one else thinks you have a chance!


What Terrelle Pryor means to the Raiders

What Terrelle Pryor means for the Oakland Raiders


If this Raiders team is as bad as everyone is making them seem, than they need all the play-makers they can get. Terrelle Pryor gives them exactly that from the quarterback position. Pryor gives the Oakland Raiders the best chance to win, because defenses have to account for his arm and his legs, but defenses must respect his play-making ability. Pryor might not have the same accuracy or football I.Q as Matt Flynn, but Pryor’s god given instinct and ability make him the better choice for this Raider team.

Yes Terrelle Pryor is fast, strong, and athletic. In The Raider’s preseason games Pryor proved that he is capable of translating his athleticism at the next level. However, the most promising thing that can be taken away from those games is Pryor’s willingness to take on the big moment.

With all respect towards Flynn, the Raiders have no where near the amount of talent and play-makers that a game manager like Flynn would need to be successful. Instead, the Raiders need another play-maker that the defense must respect besides Darren Mcfadden. Forget the fact that the zone option with Mcfadden and Pryor is scary; Pryor any time on a bootleg is just as threatening. Then you add a shaky offensive line and the Raiders need a quarterback, like Pryor, who can move just to stay up right and keep drives alive. All offseason I’ve heard multiple sources talk about how Greg Olsen is willing to tailor his offense to his player.Well here is Olsen’s chance.

[Bold: What Pryor gives the Raiders on offense]

Pryor’s game changing ability will open things up for all of the players on the Raiders offense. Even though the Raiders do not have an every down, dominate player outside of Mcfadden they have plenty of guys who possess the versatility and explosiveness to be effective. Guys like Ausberry, Reese, Ford, Moore, Kasa, etc. all posses such unique skill sets that the Raiders would benefit from a more spread style offense were they can get the ball into various players hands and give them opportunities to make plays. Pryor, has experience with this type of offense as does Mcfadden, and we have seen other teams in the NFL with half the explosiveness, use this type of offense effectively. Pryor can then key on the various mismatches the Raiders create with all of the size and athleticism at the skill positions.

[Bold: Why Pryor is ready to be the starter]
Entering Ohio State as top recruit carries it’s own expectations, and Terrelle Pryor handled that well on the field. Off the field, Pryor had his own well documented issues with maturity and signs of that showed early in the pros. However, Pryor has matured and that is evident with this entire off-season. Terrelle knew that he was the dark horse to be the starting quarterback, but he said all the right things and when his opportunity came, he was was ready. Even with his struggles, he showed a resilience and a want to get better. All that aside, the fact that Pryor has put so much work into refining his game the past to seasons shows that he isn’t the same immature guy he was at OSU, instead showing he isn’t taking the opportunity for granted. Pryor didn’t show us anything we didn’t know in the preseason. We knew Pryor, was fast, big, and had a strong arm. However, he did remind us that he is gamer and competitor who has been playing on the biggest stages since high school. Further his advancement at making reads and audibles shows that Pryor is taking responsibility for maturing his game at the NFL level.

[Bold: Why the Raiders need Pryor to be successful}

Finally, the Raiders need Pryor to be successful, because every teams number one goal is to SELL TICKETS. Not only, is Pryor an explosive player who is fun to watch, but he is also a fan favorite. Pryor is going to get fans and people around the league excited for the Raiders again. Pryor is the hope for this fan-base and the organization, so the Raiders must play him just to exhaust every option.

Pryor has similar athleticism and accolades to Cam Newton and RG3 who are responsible for injected life into their respective franchises, as rookies. While Pryor may not be the same type of prospect these guys were, you can not convince me that Newton and Griffin as rookies were better than Pryor is now after three years of NFL experience. If those two can have such an impact as rookies than I think it is fair to have similar expectations for a third year Pryor.

Either way, even if Pryor fails, at-least then he leaves the door open for the number 1 pick next year. In that case, we won’t even have any debate about what position to draft with that #1 pick. In any event, playing Pryor at least makes it look like the Raiders aren’t tanking for #1 pick…