Raiders Free Agency: Under The Radar

Even if every top player wanted to sign with the Raiders, the team would not have enough money or playing time to offer them. Hence, here are some players who could make a big impact with the team even if they are not commanding the same attention as other positional players in the market.

1. Antrel Rolle- Safety

Rolle is no longer young or explosive enough to be a marquee signing. Still he knows how to lead and play football. He is looking for one last pay day and maybe the connection to Just Tuck helps get the deal done.

2. Trent Cole- Defensive end

Cole is no longer the dominating pass rusher he once was. However, Cole could be a great situational player for the Raiders to add. They went down that path with Woodley and Tuck last year, so signing Cole would not be a surprise. Especially if they miss on some of the other top pass rushers available.

3. Ray Maualuga- Middle Linebacker

With ties to Ken Norton Jr. at USC, I am surprised this has not been rumored already. As an old school, run-stuffing linebacker, Maualuga will not be high in demand. That said, the Raiders need a Mike linebacker and signing one under 30 could really help the future of the Raiders’ defense.

4. Kareem Jackson- Cornerback

The Raiders are in the need for a number one quarterback. Jackson is probably not that like Darrelle Revis, Williams, or even Cromartie. But he could still contribute a ton for the Raiders. He is more scheme versatile and cheaper than Byron Maxwell. Plus Jackson is only 27.

5. Nick Fairley- Defensive Tackle

No one is sure what Fairley is. Is he the overweight guy with off the field issues? Or is he the player capable of dominating games that he has occasionally flashed? Either way, Fairley would normally be the best defensive linemen in a class that didn’t have Knighton or Suh. Hence, Fairley will fly under the radar and that could work out for the Raiders if they miss on Knighton and Suh.

In closing, all of theses players would be more than consolation players for the Raiders. Each has a lot to contribute still and would be position upgrades. If the Raiders are not considering them, they should.


About Pete D. Camarillo

B.A. in Journalism from CSUN and Raiders fan since birth. Work featured on Fansided, Sports Out West, various other online publications and in print. Former Sundial Sports Editor and LA Clippers intern. Follow me on Twitter: @petecertified.

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