What to look for in the dress rehearsal

The third preseason game is usually referred to as the “Dress Rehearsal,” because players play the most. The Oakland Raiders face the Arizona Cardinals for their Dress Rehearsal.

Here are a few story-lines to keep an eye during tomorrow’s bout.

D.J. Hayden’s rebound

Hayden must show some improvement. Forget not making mistakes. Forget winning a starting position. Hayden must simply grow as a football player. His amount of playing action has been limited the past two seasons. However, he is healthy and must improve.

I know he got ate up by the Minnesota Viking’s Charles Johnson, last week. Yet a defensive back is only as good as his last play. Hayden must rebound and put the poor performance behind him. The Raiders do not have any better options, so Hayden must develop.

Sio Moore’s health

This week, Head Coach Jack Del Rio said Moore is battling for a role-player position. Moore spent most of camp rehabbing a hip-injury. Therefore, Moore needs to prove he is healthy. If he plays against the Cardinals, he must show the same explosiveness and swagger which has made him successful the past two seasons.

More importantly, Moore must show an understanding of the new defense. Moore received plenty of mental reps this offseason, so he can implement that knowledge. At the vary least, few mental errors will help Moore find a situational role.

Taylor Mays addition

Did the Raiders sign Taylor Mays because they believe he can add something to the team? Or is it simply a favor for a once prominent collegian player via Ken Norton Jr., who coached Mays at USC?

Mays may not know the defense, but he needs to prove he still has potential. He has been in the league five years, but has not established himself. You can not teach his god-given talents and hitting ability. Therefore, maybe the Raiders gamble on Mays could pay off.

In closing, there are several jkey players who need a stand-out performance against the Arizona Cardinals.

Who are some players you will be looking at for a big game?


About Pete D. Camarillo

B.A. in Journalism from CSUN and Raiders fan since birth. Work featured on Fansided, Sports Out West, various other online publications and in print. Former Sundial Sports Editor and LA Clippers intern. Follow me on Twitter: @petecertified.

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