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Leave Jamarcus Russell alone

The Draft began on April 28, and here is a letter about one of the greatest draft busts ever.

Dear NFL,

Stop black-balling Jamarcus Russell.

I get it. He is one of the biggest draft busts ever. He was lazy, and may or may not have been addicted to lean.

But that was almost ten years ago.

Don’t give him sympathy. He doesn’t want it or deserve it.

Instead, give the man an opportunity. He seems sincerely humble.

IF he is for reals, let him get in shape and give him a real shot.

How many people can throw 70 yards on peer arm strength like Russell? Especially, considering he has super limited miles.

I am not saying Russell will be any good. I just want to see what he can do if he got a shot. There are too many unanswered questions and too-much god given talent.

People forget the dysfuntion being around death brings. Russell went to many funerals during his time within the struggling Raiders team.

If he flames out one last time then he has nothing left to say. Moreover, Russell could help redeem himself and a late regime that drafted him.

NFL, just give Jamarcus a shot!


A Raiders fan





Oakland Raiders need Robert Nkemdiche

The Raiders passed on Leonard Williams last year, because they needed targets for Derek Carr. With the offense now in place, the Raiders need Robert Nkemdiche.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Sheldon Rankins. He played across the entire Louisville defensive line. Rankins dominated the Senior Bowl and performed well at the NFL Combine.

However, he is no Robert Nkemdiche.

In fact, there are not a lot of Nkemdiches. He is a specimen that only comes around every few years. A chiseled, interior linemen that runs a 4.87 40-yard-dash. He also dominated the eventually champions, Alabama.

The biggest knock on Nkemdiche: off-field character concerns. He also has some concerns with motor and work-ethic.

I get it. General Manager Reggie McKenzie built this Raiders team with high-quality and productive players. Nkemdiche does not fit that mold thanks to a stupid incident that involved him falling out of a second-story building and then snitching on Laremy Tunsil at the combine.

Yet the Raiders built a culture that Nkemdiche will not become a distraction in. He can learn from a troubled player like Aldon Smith.

More importantly, Nkemdiche will dominate on the Raiders. He can play beside Khalil Mack as a 3 tech. or two-gapping 5 tech. The Raiders can then use Mario Edwards Jr. at his natural position at end. Or they can rotate the two.

Take a look at the defenes Jack Del Rio participated in as a coach.

Baltimore, Carolina, Jacksonville and Denver all had playmakers on the defensive line. Expect Del Rio to carry that philosophy into Oakland. The group is already good, but they will become great with Nkemdiche in the rotation with Justin Ellis, Denico Autry, Dan Williams, Mario Edwards Jr. and a few more.

Unless Myles Jack falls, the Raiders should not pass on Nkemdiche.

Some mock drafts have the Raiders going corner, linebacker, running back or tackle in the draft. The Raiders can find a starter at any of those positions with No. 14. However, they can only find a dominate player like Nkemdiche there because of his off-field concerns.

The Raiders can address those other needs at later points. They can still find value at RB, LB, CB, and S in the middle rounds. That may be true for DT as well, but none will make the impact Nkemdiche can.