About Silver and Blog


Established in 2013, Silver and Blog is committed to providing excellent analysis, opinion and other unique content for the die-hard Oakland Raider fan.

Now-a-days, Raider news is framed or neglected by major news sources. Therefore, Silver and Blog is dedicated to providing stimulating opinion.

The line between fact and opinion is very clear at Silver and Blog. We fall on the opinion side, and we are proved of it. No news fillers, fluff or annoying ads. Only the most creative voices from the bay to LA.

We are not trying to be a credible new source, because there are plenty of other places to get your Raider news. Instead, we are the platform for biased, and sometimes outrageous, opinions.

We bleed silver and black the same way you do. If you do want credible news sources, you can find it all over our Twitter timeline. You can also get involved in the discussion by tweeting @silverandblog or by providing comments.

Silver and Blog feeds off your discussion, so we always retweet replies!

  1. Excellent blog. I truly hope to contribute one day.

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